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Elbert County Read at Home...

...provides one free book per month to each child registered.

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Our Mission

Bringing the community together to improve the quality of life for children and families in Elbert County.

The Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) promotes literacy in Georgia by involving entire communities. By making literacy a community-wide commitment, a broad variety of community resources are mobilized to promote and support literacy training. The CLCP is a business-education-government partnership resulting in improved literacy levels of children, families, and workers in an entire community.


The purpose of the CLCP is to harness the power of communities. It addresses the twin challenges of scarce adult literacy funding and the need to recruit adult students in greater numbers. The CLCP is important because it enables communities to improve their literacy rates, fosters a collaborative approach and mobilizes all community resources to fight illiteracy. The program began in 1990 with five pilot communities. Currently the CLCP has 56 programs: 42 Participants and 14 Certified Literate Communities. Approximately twenty-five other communities are in various stages of organizing programs.

The Office of Adult Literacy provides a full-time Certified Community Program Executive Director who is responsible for providing technical assistance to communities as they develop the structure to attain Participant and final certification. A community that is accepted into the program will receive certification twice, first when the community meets the eight criteria for becoming a Certified Literate Community Participant (which includes a numeric goal of serving 50% plus one of the target population) and later when the community meets all qualifications for achieving the designation Certified Literate Community. The Office of Adult Literacy is committed to:

  • Keeping the literacy initiative alive
  • Coordinating the community program on a statewide basis
  • Providing advice on funding
  • Creating informational materials for use throughout the state
  • Providing measurable standards for individual and program progress
  • Facilitating an information network among participating communities


In September of 1997, then First Lady Shirley Miller unveiled road signs recognizing CLCP communities. The road signs carry the "Reading - Key to the Future" logo in the center of the sign and identify the community as a "Participating Certified Literate Community."  


Our Staff

Laura Evans
Kathy Lee
Kathy Franklin

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Board of Directors

Derrick Gable Chaiperson Christa Campbell Chair Pro Tem Lamar Scott Treasurer Melissa Brady Rick Higginbotham Mary Jo House Kirby Tyler

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